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The Authentic Sex Chair

Thank you so much for visiting as it is a great honor.  The original Kama Sutra Sex Chair is the brainchild of eccentric furniture designer and artist, AJ Vitaro.   AJ designed this product in harmony with the ergonomics of the human form and it is the very first furniture design ever created to enhance the sacred sexual positions of the time honored, Kama Sutra.  It was first brought to the marketplace in 2003 and since this time, it has spread throughout the far reaches of the globe.  The Tantra/KamaSutra Chair has redefined the lovemaking experience for couples of all shapes and sizes as it positions two people in ways that are not possible on flat surfaces such as a bed or a floor.  The Sex Chair  is designed with a very narrow width dimension which enables the female to move and position her body comfortably during sexual intimacy.  Not only is this amazing sex chair design created to last a lifetime, it is hand-crafted in The United States of America with the finest, Eco-Friendly, Human-Friendly, Pet-Friendly products and components.  Every stitch, every nail head, every design aspect is created with integrity and utmost craftsmanship.  Our parent website features many more images, purchasing options and elegant video presentations.

  • The Tantra Sex Chair featuring a man and woman engaged in lovemaking.
  • A Tantra Sex Chair position featuring Ying and Yang sexual position.
  • A Tantra Sex Chair position featuring the woman on top of the man.
  • A snapshot of The Tantra Sex Chair official website.
  • The Tantra Sex Chair featured in a Zen room.
  • The Kama Sutra Sex Chair featured in a modern home.

The Original Sex Chair

The Tantra/Kamasutra Sex Chair gained world wide recognition very quickly because of it’s uniqueness, cleverness and superior quality.  News organizations, media companies, high profile actors and actresses, professional athletes and most importantly, thousands upon thousands of forward thinking couples helped spread the word about this revolutionary furniture design.  We are so deeply honored by the reception of our design as it has been welcomed into every culture around the world.  No matter our cultural differences, human beings all have one thing in common and this is the desire to love and connect with our fellow human beings.  Just by having this amazing sex chair in your home not only encourages intimacy but makes it a thousand times more amazing!  A tremendous amount of research and development went into this design.  AJ Vitaro developed this design over a three year, intensive period with the help of real life couples. Every dimension is perfected to function perfectly for all body types.   Take your relationship to new levels of intimacy.